Edinburgh Rhubarb & Ginger Gin


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Gin Description

A warming rhubarb and ginger liqueur from the chaps at Edinburgh Gin. It captures a fine balance between the intense rush of ginger spice and the evocative, almost nostalgic sweetness of rhubarb, (we all feel nostalgic for rhubarb crumble, right? It’s not just me?) as well as some classic juniper hints deeper within.

Taking some spring rhubarb, macerated oriental ginger and lemon zest then infusing it into their very own award winning gin. The strong spice of the ginger is countered by the sweetness of the rhubarb, resulting in a powerful yet balanced tasting experience. And of course hidden deep down we have our creamy smooth juniper treat. Serve in a flute and top up with champagne for something special.


ABV 20%