Champagne Cuperly Brut NV



Wine Description:
Dating back to 1845 and remains today within the original family. This Champagne has a delicious fresh fruit flavour with richness and complexity. Created in 1845 production of Cuperly sits at 300,000 bottles per year which is mainly distributed in France and is still family owned. Champagne Cuperly uses only grapes selected from the Grande Crus of Montagne de Reims (40% Chardonnay/60% Pinot Noir) this gives the Champagne fantastic freshness from the Chardonnay plus a richness and complexity from the Pinot Noir, to maintain freshness malolactic fermentation is avoided. This means Champagne Cuperly is bang on trend with UK wine drinkers taste profile.

Region: Champagne Region France

Grape Variety: Pinot Noir, Chardonny

Volume ABV: 11%